Evan Zener

Fitness Trainer

Hi, I’m Evan. I ‘m a fitness trainer in the Hollywood District in Ne Portland. Nice to meet You!

My Story

For me, exercise has been a life-changer for over fourteen years. Sure, the gym is a place to get stronger and become a better athlete, but it’s also where I’ve discovered ways to cope with stress, gain confidence, and take responsibility for creating a healthy life—both mentally and physically. I believe that as we get stronger in the gym, we get stronger in all other areas of our lives! Learning to stick with it, show up and push through pateau’s teaches you to have that attitude when life gets tough. I’ve seen the power of fitness transform the lives of my clients and it’s why I do what I do. I love helping people. I love seeing them become their best, strongest selves!

I grew up in Oregon, close to the coast and surrounded by mountains, forests, and rivers.

This beautiful state has fueled my love for the outdoors and started me on a journey I’m still on! I am a mountaineer, cyclist, scuba diver and a fly fisherman. Skydiving and exploring new areas to camp are also big on my list.

My four-year-old boxer/lab mix Charley and my 8-month-old Doberman Pinscher Jade LOVE to go exploring with me! Charley is a good boy who is as handsome as he is well-behaved and loving. Jade sassy, energetic young girl who every day is growing more and more into her big lanky legs! Having both of them has been such an amazing experience!

My Approach

If you’re like most of us, sticking to a fitness routine can be hard. Maybe you’ve tried in the past and given up, or maybe life got busy and you let things slide. I hope you’re thinking about trying again! Trying again (and again) is part of becoming successful.

Here are three ideas to help you succeed, and how I help!

First, to to be successful you have to understand what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Once you articulate your goals you can choose the right exercises to achieve them. A lot of people exercise without any direction, doing the wrong exercises that aren’t effective and ultimately unenjoyable. Using the same machines and routines they’ve always done. Most of the time those familiar habits aren’t enough to get them where they want to be! As a trainer, I assess each client and create personal programs to directly meet their needs. My programs always incorporate flexibility, core strength, and injury prevention and recovery exercises. I teach my clients proper form and prepare them to keep that form when they’re on their own.

Second, being comfortable in your environment and choosing exercises that make you happy is essential! We all know people who pay for gym memberships and never go or who buy equipment and never use it.  If you’ve always gone to big gyms but aren’t comfortable working out in a crowded, noisy space, then big gyms probably aren’t for you. If your home treadmill is dusty, then maybe you need a routine that mixes things up! I help my clients discover the right environment and the right routine for them so they’ll look forward to working out.

Third, consistency is key! And being consistent doesn’t mean that going every single day and pushing as hard as you can. Consistency means staying engaged with your commitment to being fit. It means having more than one way to take care of your body. Consistency means developing integrated, complementary habits so that even on the days when you’re not working out, you’re still taking good care of yourself. It means moving, stretching, cooking nourishing meals, and trusting that fitness is a way of life. If you choose to stay engaged, you will absolutely see results! And you’ll feel better!

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