Free Workouts Shared on GoogleDrive Through Google Groups (beta) 

I have been using Google Drive to write and share workouts with clients for about 4 years. It has been a very useful tool. Keeping everything from a client’s notes to tracking their progress and of course written workouts for them to follow on their own.

The idea of sharing workouts with large groups of people has been something I’ve thought about, but never that seriously. It hit me recently. I connected the idea with Google Drive. I figured out a way to share a Universal Google Drive folder with large amounts of people! Here’s how it works!

Within Google Drive, you can share a folder with up to 200 people. There are two issues with this. One, 200 people is not that many, and two, adding people directly to a folder within Google Drive can be a security concern. So I dug deeper, and what I found, Google Groups!

Google Groups was originally created for large amounts of people to get together and create topics and discuss them. Like chat rooms. I don’t think Google Groups took off like Google had hoped so the platform does not feel up to date like some of Google’s other products. But there is one feature that is great for us! 

I can add 10,000 people to one Google Group. And I can have practically as many Google Groups as I want. Each Google Group gets assigned its own email, and every member of that group is attached to that email. I can share that email with any Google Drive folder, granting every Google Group member access. Once subscribed just head over to your Google Drive folder associated with that email, look in your “Shared” section and Fit-InMotion Free Workouts” should be there.

The Google Drive Folder is growing. With a list of workouts already in there, and two written workouts with videos to go along each week! I’m excited to see what this folder turns into. I can add as much content to this folder as I want and it’s going to have more than just workouts. It’s going to have helpful lists. Lists of equipment to buy with links. Healthy recipes to get you cooking on your own. I’m going to get creative!

I’m glad you stopped by and I hope you signed up! Please share this link with your friends and family. People pay me for this all the time! Now you can have now, for free.

Coming Out Soon 

  • List of equipment you can get off Amazon with workouts to go along
  • Workouts with minimal equipment you can do on the road
  • Equipment specific exercises- full circuits with single pieces of equipment

To join the Google Group and get access to my Free Workout Drive Folder, you have to have a Gmail. To join through the “SUBSCRIBE” button below, you have to be signed in to the that Gmail in your browser. Once clicked “SUBSCRIBE” you will be redirected to my Google Group, where a pop-up box will ask if you would like to request to join. If you are not signed into your Gmail account, a pop box up will not appear. Click “Sign in” at the bottom of the page to sign in your Gmail and request access.

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