Our Local Gym

Our local gym is located in the heart of the Hollywood district, on Hancock and 40th, just one block North of Sandy Blvd. Hey, My name is Evan Zener, and Fit-InMotion Personal Training is my business. If you have found this page I am sure you have figured that out by now, but just in case you haven’t, I thought it would be helpful to let you know. I am a private contractor working in a small fitness studio in Ne Portland called Vive Fitness. Our local gym is set up for personal trainers and their clients. To work out there you must be accompanied by your personal trainer or one of our awesome fitness class instructors. There is no monthly membership and the cost of working with a trainer is all dependant on what that trainer costs. I charge 65 dollars an hour, prepaid for each month in advance. Pretty straightforward and easy!!! I just ask for a 24-hour notice on any cancellations of sessions.

Our local gym is a smaller boutique style fitness facility, but has plenty of equipment!! To hear current and past clients of mine opinion on our gym and me as a personal trainer, check out my testimonial page. 5 years ago coming from working at a large corporate gym, with 1,000’s of square feet I was worried that I would run out of different exercises I would be able to perform in this size gym, but SOON realized it was quite the opposite. If anything there is so much more than you can do in a gym set up like ours. We have much more functional style weights, rather than just machines, and the variations of what you can do with them are practically limitless. Many would argue working with free weights is a better way to go about working out. Machines often target specific muscles at a time, and take out the bodies need to stabilize the area in which you are working out because the machine is stabilizing the load for you. This can lead to imbalances which down the road can lead to injuries. For the same reason working with free weights engages the core more, better building core strength.

A short list of some of our equipment-

  • Free motion cable machine
  • Kettlebells
  • Dumbells
  • Punching  bag along with gloves to spar with
  • Agility equipment- ladders, cones, slide board, TRX hurtles, jump boxes, step up platform boxes
  • TRX suspension training systems
  • The Cage (a large metal structure in which you can do pull-ups, bench press, squat, TRX, landmine exercises, and so much more!)

This is just a short list, but there is so much more! To see you’ll have to come check it out.

Our environment that we cultivate at our local gym is noncompetitive, nonjudgmental, open to any sex, religion, race and sexual identity! Anyone is welcome with open arms. We spend a lot of time together so it is very common for clients to get to know other members of the gym, other trainers, and their clients! We believe having a tight community is important. Providing a gym where you can feel comfortable and reach your full potential we believe is key! We also advocate members to connect outside of our gym to workout independently. Maybe finding a running partner or someone you can get a workout with.

I push my clients to take what they have learned in our sessions and apply them in workouts they do independent of our sessions. When clients learn to workout on their own and build the habit, they progress quickly and build the foundation that will keep them working out forever. I believe that fitness is an amazing tool to enrich everyone’s lives and its been a dream come true being able to share that passions with others.