Pain Management

In the time that I’ve been a trainer, I’ve worked with many people who are in constant pain. There are many reasons someone might be in pain, but many reasons are due to long-term in proper movement patterns. These in-proper movement patterns originate from imbalances in strength, tight muscles and tendons, and the ingraining of these patterns deep into a person. Other reasons for pain include arthritis, sciatic pain, knee pain, etc. With all of these reasons, through the right fitness program, the pain can be diminished, if not fully eradicated.

Common Imbalances

As a society that spends a lot of time sitting, whether that’s at work sitting in an office chair, sitting in class at school, at home on the couch watching tv, before you even realize it you could have spent hours through the day sitting without even realizing it. It’s only now that sitting is being seen as harmful as it actually can be. I’ve heard sitting be compared to smoking cigarettes in the amount of damage it can do. That may sound silly, but sitting can be quite damaging over time. When your body is in a seated position, several anterior muscles become shortened. This shortening creates pulls on different bone structures and joints throughout the body. The most common are tight hip flexors and quads, pulling on the pelvis, causing it to tilt forward putting added pressure on the lower back and affecting the movement of the hip capsule. This is a common cause of pain that I see often.

An effective tool in Pain Management for someone suffering from this imbalance would be personal training. With the right exercises and stretches combined, this imbalance can be fixed faster then someone might think. If you’ve found yourself with ongoing pain and would like assistance in dealing with it, feel free to contact me.

Another common imbalance that personal training could be an effective tool in pain management is poor shoulder mobility causing shoulder pain. Another common imbalance caused by sitting is rounded shoulders. Rounded tight shoulder can come from many things, but sitting is a common one. Over time this dysfunction can cause small tears and even rips in the tendons and ligaments in your shoulder causing a tremendous amount of pain. If caught early enough, stretching the chest and opening up the shoulder capsule alleviate pain and stop any more damage.

Other Causes of pain

Pain management tends to be easier in things like muscle imbalances and tight muscles that haven’t done any hard damage as a result. If caught early enough, it can be quite easy reversing the problem, but things like herniated discs, nerve pain, and arthritis can be more difficult. Although personal training can help alleviate the pain in problems like these and can be a helpful tool in pain management, they tend to be less successful.

Pain management can be tricky and can take work. It is something you cant give up on. Having a physical therapist or personal trainer help guides you through the process and can make the world of difference. Most people think of a having a physical therapist through this journey, but with expensive costs often a personal trainer is a suitable alternative. At Fit-InMotion Personal Training I do everything I can to help my clients through this process.