Weight Loss

Weight loss is very tricky. I often compare someone who has little control over there eating patterns to someone who cant control there drinking. Many people don’t think of food addiction as a real thing, but with all the addictive high fructose corn syrup that is found in so many day to day foods that we as Americans are surrounded by, food addiction is a real thing and is now being understood as one. This is a reason why losing weight can be so hard to deal with. It often is much deeper then an individual not having a clear understanding of what a healthy diet consists of. Often it is a person simply not having the control over what they eat. For this reason, personal trainer’s can have a difficult time dealing with clients and weight loss, but there often is much success if the client is really willing to work.

Often someone who has been unsuccessful in weight loss is simply due to a lack of motivation and understanding of how to eat healthily. In these cases, success in weight loss comes easier. Pushing those clients in our one-on-one personal training sessions, along with making a fitness program for them to follow outside of our sessions together is key. Teaching them what foods are ok to eat and what foods are best to stay away from is vital to long-term success.

As a personal trainer, when a client of mine is looking to lose weight my first step is to understand what is preventing them from successfully losing weight. Is it having little control over what they eat or a lack of understanding of what they should be eating? Where we go from here is similar in both cases, but one can be more hands-on than the other.

My protocol

  • I start with the clients making a food journal of what they eat. I have them write down each meal they eat and the size of the portion every day. During each personal training session, we go over the journal and discuss the different foods, what foods are ok and what foods to leave out. We talk about what led up to them eating the unhealthy meals and how they felt and what they could do differently in the future. This can be very effective. Breaking down habits and understanding why we do what we do can open up a new understanding.
  • Weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly weigh-ins, to track the client’s weight loss can also be effective. How effective this can be, varies on a client to client basis. Some want to be pushed this way and it motivates them to do better while others only become demotivated. Finding who this method works with is apart of what I do.
  • Creating effective workouts that we perform in our training sessions, and for them to follow on their own helps speed up the process and creates confidence that often transfers into them working harder to adopt healthy eating patterns. Fitness can be very empowering. Having confident, empowered clients helps create the right environment for success.