24 Hour Fitness, Orange Theory and LA Fitness | Big Portland Gyms Compared 

Big gyms have a lot to offer. They have a lot of equipment. Usually big facilities have pools, basketball courts, treadmills and all kinds of machines. I don’t have a problem with big gyms. I’m a member at 24 Hour Fitness now and I go there all the time. As for big Portland gyms to workout at, 24 Hour and LA Fitness are great. But If you are looking for a private personal trainer, going to a locally owned gym where the trainers work for themselves is a safer way to find a more experienced fitness coach.

My Experience Working at a Big Portland Gym

Most personal trainers start off working at bigger fitness facilities until they have gained the experience and clientele to leave and start up on their own.  Most big gyms have experienced personal trainers mixed in the bunch, but a large portion of the trainers do not have enough experience to be teaching other people how to work out. And the turn over rate is high. It’s because the large fitness facilities are not great places to work for. I worked for a big gym at the beginning of my career, for 4 months. I had a bad experience. My clients saw what a terrible place it was to work at and when it was time they were ready to leave with me.

Since then I’ve become such a better personal trainer. That was 8 years ago. And rates then (set by the gym) were 45 dollars per 25-minute session. So, for 50 min, not even a full hour, my rate was 90 dollars. If you bought a large enough pack of training sessions they would drop it down to 35 dollars per 25-minute session. My rates now are 65 dollars an hour. 8 years later, loads more of experience and I charge 25 dollars less. It’s a no-brainer.

Whats The Buzz About Orange Theory

I’ve been hearing more and more about Orange Theory over the last couple of years. Its model is interesting. They do big group circuit training classes. They monitor everyone in the classes heart rate and try and keep it in the optimal range. My aunt goes and she loves it! And she can afford it!  There are a lot of larger pieces of equipment which isn’t typical in group classes, which can be a bonus. Typically, you find smaller pieces of equipment used in group classes. If Orange Theory’s fitness model matches the goals you are trying to accomplish, go for it. If you are looking for a specific fitness program tailored to what you need, I would look elsewhere.

If you are looking for an experienced personal trainer in your area, you found one. I’ve been training clients for almost a decade. My rates are reasonable. No contracts or monthly gym memberships. We sit down each month, figure out how many times we are meeting, you pre-pay for those sessions and that’s it. I just ask for a 24 hour notice on any cancelations.

I’m flexible and experienced. I didn’t fall into being a personal trainer, it has been a calling. And most important, I’ve learned through experience, and continue to learn. I’ve been rigorously working at my own physical fitness program since I was 14.