Strength Coach 

Strength training is at the core of what I do. It’s what got me into working out. I wanted to be strong and muscular. It’s still the center point of what I do in my own exercise routines and with my clients. I am a personal trainer and strength coach as well. For any goal you are trying to accomplish, having the right coach with expertise in that area is important. It’s like going to the right doctor. You’re better off going to a back surgeon to discuss your back problems over your general doctor. If building strength is your main goal, finding strength coach is important.

My Job as a Strength Coach 

As a strength coach, when working with someone whose goals are specifically to build muscle and strength, I train them differently than the average person coming through the door. Most people want to gain muscle and burn fat. When building strength is your main focus, things like running circuits go out the door. Cardio slows down. Workouts become more focuses on particular muscles, and maximizing the amount of weight lifted. Exercises are in shorter duration, but more intense. This type of exercise can be more dangerous but staying strict on form and having an in-depth mobility and flexibility training program can minimize injuries.

It is my job to keep all of my clients safe. It is my number one priority and I’ve done a good job doing it. In a program where you are pushing heavy weights, form and safety become even more important. That is why a strength training program needs to still have all the maintenance aspects that any other in-depth workout routine would incorporate, and even more. Muscles put under such a load can take longer to recover and joints may take more work to stay mobile.

Working Out to Build Strength 

Strength training is in practically every fitness program. It is working out. If you are in the gym lifting weights, you are strength training. But the kind of strength training that I would have my clients perform as a strength coach is totally different than the kind of strength training I would do for just anyone. So what does a session look like with me working as a strength coach?

Lifts are heavy and like I said, in shorter duration. Doing the proper amount of stretching before the session is important. Do not stretch too much. Less stretching, more mobility drills. It is important not lengthen a muscle too far past its comfort point right before a very heavy lift. Your body might not be able to handle the new length of that certain muscle. It is common for someone to lose stability in a joint and get injured, or pull a muscle.

Bottom line, serious strength training is more dangerous than your average fitness program and having the right strength coach is important. Constantly working on and perfecting form is vital. Form should be step one, adding weight, step two.