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To go along with any exercise program, having an in-depth stretching routine is so important. Working in stretches to combat tightening muscles, and to correct imbalances promotes longevity and the optimal function one’s body. For many, simply stretching can be boring and even ineffective. If you are someone who’s struggled to adhere to a stretching routine in the past, yoga might be right for you. The benefits of yoga are vast. As a personal trainer, its something that I practice myself, and something I push my clients to practice as well. 

Performing Yoga has many physical benefits, as well as mental and spiritual.

The Physical Benefits of Yoga-

-Building flexibility and mobility– The term flexibility refers to the overall range of motion a particular muscle or joint has. While mobility is used to express how well one, or a system of joints function through a movement pattern. Yoga works on both flexibility and mobility through practicing movement patterns while in a deep stretch. Something that an average stretching routine often lacks.

-Perfects posture and protects your spine– Yoga is a great way to build core strength while achieving musculature balance. It is important to have a strong core to be able to keep your lumbar spine in a neutral position in everyday movements. Say, picking something off the floor. Being able to properly move (hinge at your hips) while keeping your back straight can save your lumbar spine from a lot of wear and tear. Having an even balance of strength and flexibility between your anterior and posterior chain helps keep your body in proper alignment.

-Yoga improves cardiovascular health– Yoga has been proven to lower your heart rate, cholesterol, blood pressure and other risk factors leading to cardiovascular heart disease. Practicing relaxation/breathing techniques while in different postures can help improve blood flow and circulation of oxygen throughout the body.

The Mental Benefits of Yoga-

Yoga can be as mentally beneficial as it is physically. Yoga is a form of meditation that improves your psychological and mental well being. By balancing and calming your nervous system yoga helps relieve stress and sharpens concentration, something that a mere stretching routine does not offer.

My Experience With Yoga

Yoga has been very beneficial in my own life. I started working out at the age of 14. Like many people, I hit the ground running with not much knowledge of what I was doing. Because I lacked a proper stretching routine to go along with the time I was spending in the gym, It wasn’t long till muscles got tight, causing injuries. I had shoulder issues, back pain, and knee pain while running.

Around the age of 20, I worked to correct these injuries through static stretching and different myofascial release techniques. I saw improvement, but I struggled to stay diligent, and the aches and pains often returned quickly. It was hard to stay consistent. Stretching to me was boring and yoga brought life to it in a way that I hadn’t experienced. Not only has it been more effective than static stretching on my own, but it has also been more engaging and emotionally rewarding. It introduced me to like-minded people in the community that I otherwise would not have met. Yoga has improved both my physical and mental state. It honestly makes me want to be a better person. I’m still not half as flexible as the average yogi, I was born an inflexible person, but working on something that I’m not particularly good at is humbling. 


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