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I’ve grown to love working out every part of my body. When I started working out over 11 years ago I did struggle with working out my legs. A lot of guys do. And to this day, if I’m having one of those days where it’s hard getting myself to the gym, it can be especially hard if its leg day, but I found a fitness trick that helps!

 A leg workout that I have found to make those days a little easier are running stairs. It’s quick, effective and not only give you a muscle building leg workout, but also burns tons of calories. It’s more effective than going for a jog by far in that regard and without burning up muscle in the process. Think of what a sprinters body looks like. They look like powerlifters. Now think of what a marathon runners body looks like. They typically don’t have anywhere near the muscle development of a sprinter. That’s because long bouts of cardio don’t just burn fat, but muscle as well. So if you’re looking to have the most muscle and least fat possible, and have your endurance skyrocket, sprints or high-intensity interval training is the way to go.

Find a big set of stairs. Preferably a stair set that at full speed takes at least 15 seconds to run. Run them 6-8 times as fast as you can with two-minute breaks in between each run. Another idea would be sprints on a quarter mile track. Run half the track, or whatever you can at full speed and walk the rest until you get back to where you started. Then repeat. 6-8 bouts of either of these exercises will kill your legs. You will be surprised. But, if you choose to sprint the track, make sure that you are conditioned to. If you haven’t already been running/training to do sprints on flat ground, you may get injured. I have jumped the gun a few times and done sprints on a track before I was ready and injured myself. Stairs are much safer. Your not able to get your legs up to the same speed as sprinting on flat ground and because of the incline the impact is much less.

It should only take you about 20 minutes and the workout you will get will be intense!

I really believe becoming successful in fitness is all about finding what you enjoy doing in it and building off that. I have done that with myself as well as my clients. To hear what they have to say check out my yelp or google reviews.

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