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If you are a runner and you enjoy running in the rain, you know the importance of having the right gear. I grew up in Portland Oregon, running regularly, so rainy cold weather is no stranger to me. For some, going from running in warm dry weather, too cold and wet can be hard. But with the right gear, the harsher outdoor elements doesn’t have to be so jarring! As a personal trainer of several clients who are runners, it’s my job to make sure they are prepared for the rain!

Wear Layers

It is important to wear layers, but even more important is the material of your layers and how you wear them. It is important that the closest layer to your body be a technical fabric like polypropylene or Coolmax, something that will extract water and sweat away from the skin. While the outer layer is a wind and water resistant jacket, something that breathes. Wearing a fully waterproof rain jacket that doesn’t breath will trap moisture in! 

Don’t Over-Dress

A common mistake runners make when headed out for a run in cold wet conditions is overdressing. More clothes aren’t going to keep you dry, often quite the opposite. The added sweat and heavy wet clothes won’t make running in the rain any easier.

Be Cautious of Chafing

Chafing can be an issue with any runner, especially long distance, and wet weather runners. Avoiding cotton and investing in seamless underwear and running shorts is a must! Don’t be shy about applying a lubricant such as vaseline to the areas of skin prone to chafing.

Be Visible

Wearing bright outer layers can help drivers spot you on wet dark days with poor visibility. Getting an outfit with reflective strips can really make you stand out to drivers and keep you safe. If it is really dark and your own eyesight is impaired, wearing a headlamp can prevent you from tripping over objects in your way.

Keep Your Feet Dry

Maybe the worst thing on a rainy run is soaked feet! Avoid puddles at all cost. Your feet may get damp from running in the rain, but they will get completely soaked if you land in a puddle. It also wouldn’t hurt carrying an extra pair of running socks.

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