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I have always exercised and been a pretty active person. I’ve never been one for sitting still. Being active, especially getting outside and moving around actually calms me down. Though as I’ve gotten an older and the responsibilities have piled up I often sacrifice time that should be spent outside for completing a task/responsibility that can wait.

Just about a year ago I got my first dog, Charley. I really love him to death but he’s been a lot of work!! Aside from constantly replacing his dog beds that he won’t stop chewing up or taking him out in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, most of the work has been very rewarding. Days, when I’ve been slammed with work, being forced to take Charley to the dog park, can be exactly what I need.

He’s been an amazing force to get me outside and take a breather. He’s also been a great motivator to run more. I run a set of stairs at Mt.Tabor pretty regularly when in the past I never did. I’ve really come to love that exercise but I know the motivation originally came from finding an exercise that involved him as well. He chases me up the stairs and gets pretty worn out himself. From the time I got him till now I’ve been to so many parks and walked so many trails that I would have never known they existed.

It’s been an amazing experience that I think everyone could benefit from. So if you struggle with getting active and need some added motivation, maybe you just need a dog 🙂

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