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It has been proven Kombucha is good for your health for several reasons, but many people are not sure why. I once wondered, is this trendy drink really as beneficial as people say? Not too long ago I was pushed to find out more about kombucha. I had been experiencing indigestion for quite some time and it was only getting worse. My opinion quickly changed from thinking kombucha was a temporary fad to something that could be beneficial to add to one’s diet.  Here is why!

The Benefits of Kombucha

The greatest benefit of kombucha is its ability to aid in curing inflammation of the gut and restore healthy flora.  Kombucha is a black or green tea that has become fermented.  It contains a colony of yeast and bacteria that initiate the fermentation process when mixed with sugar. Kombucha then becomes carbonated and contains probiotics, enzymes, b-vitamins, lactic, acetic and gluconic acid.  Altogether, these 5 elements are tied to detoxification, improved digestion, immune support, and ultimately a happier stomach.


The History of Kombucha

A Greek physician, named Hippocrates was one of the greatest figures in the history of modern medicine and once said, “All disease begins in the gut.” Much of what he claimed over 2,000 years ago has still held true. Outside of disease, the list of negative side effects due to bad gut function is long. Although kombucha alone doesn’t always cure them, in conjunction with a few other key elements, it can play a huge role.

More Benefits…

Another beneficial quality about kombucha is that contains high amounts of glucosamines which prevent and repair joint damage. Glucosamines increase the production of synovial hyaluronic acid which helps preserve collagen throughout the body. Not only does this combat arthritic pain it also diminishes wrinkles in the skin.

There are a lot of claimed benefits of kombucha. However, not everything has been confirmed, I do believe a lot of them are true. President Reagan reportedly drank kombucha every day as a part of his regimen to battle stomach cancer. I could imagine kombucha helping.  It helped me get through my own gut issues and cleared up side effects from that which I didn’t even know were connected.

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Evan Zener

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